The crossroads of everyone and the world


dot inc. creates special experiences around the world by combining “accommodation” with various values.
What we want to provide is not just a place to stay at, but a place where different people, cultures, values, and understandings meet, and an experience that is otherwise impossible.
To do this, we directly communicate with guests and introduce them to Japanese culture.
We become curators of Japanese culture ourselves and keep rolling out accommodation facilities themed around Japanese culture.

We connect people worldwide with their travel destinations.
World being as large as it is, that may represent just a small dot.
However, that dot may become a line that draws the blueprint of the future, or a face that unites the world.
It is with this conviction that we will keep producing more dots,together with Japan, the world, and people.


dot inc.
Address: 1-9-2, Minato, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Managing directors: Masayoshi Mikoshiba, Yasukazu Yoshitama
Business content: Planning and development of accommodation businesses, hotel operations


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